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ERC Grant Resubmission Writing Support for ERC Starting, ERC Consolidator an ERC Advanced Proposals

'We offer a personal, individually tailored and educationally focussed journey of excellence.'

We specialise in providing researchers with quite personal and individually tailored ERC grant resubmission support.

All of our work is educationally focussed. I.e. the applicant learns much more than just how to write an ERC grant. We teach researchers how to better review their own work and further enhance their grant writing skills – all of which can be taken and used into the future with other granting bodies and schemes.

Whilst not necessary to rewrite a new proposal,  enough work needs to be done by the applicant to:

  • Fully cover the issues raised by the panel members and/or reviewers in the previous submission

  • Fully cover any new criticism and/or concerns raised by panel members and/or reviewers in the current round (which in our experience happens quite often)

  • Adjust the proposal in such a way that it is consistent in clarity, consistency, and tone of voice and presents to be a coherent whole.


  • Critical and strategic analysis of reviewer's reports, including constructive feedback on how to work to remedy this issues and concerns raised.

  • Scoping the revised content of B2 document prior to the commencement of the re-drafting process.

  • Critical support, feedback and in-depth review of B2 drafts, including optimisation of presentation of CV.

  • Substantive editing of the proposal (clarity, consistency, tone of voice and flow).

Individualised mentoring and coaching on how to optimise the presentation of the five page B1 synopsis using the updated B2 document.


  • Our feedback on drafts is highly personalised, in-depth, direct and to the point, and should we identify weaknesses in a proposal, we will always work at providing the applicant with suggestions and/or options as to how the weakness can be remedied.

  • When any of our clients interact with us, they will find us to be down to earth and approachable professionals, who have a real passion for what we do, and we understand and appreciate how busy the life of an academic can be.

  • All of our work is based on a strong process-driven foundation.

  • We believe in honesty and transparency, and in building strong and healthy relationships with our clients.

Our method of delivery is via (1) personal ‘one-on-one’ online coaching and feedback sessions; and (2) online via email. The breakdown of this is individually tailored to each individual (some applicants may find online meetings more helpful, whilst others may have more of a preference for working more though email.

You will work directly with with either Fire Sanders or Willem Bouma, both qualified and experienced senior trainers. Both Willem and Fire have experience working with all panels and areas of research, and have worked with numerous applicants and institutions throughout around Europe and beyond. 

We have over 15 years (specifically) working on European, Dutch and other national research grant proposals - and over 25 years experience with scientific promotion cases, research grant applications, interview training, review and editing of high impact research journal articles and writing nominations for prestigious prizes and awards. We specialise in what we do and offer – and ERC grant writing is no exception.

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Hello. Thank you so kindly for your message and query. We will respond to you within 24 hours, and most often quicker than this. Kindest of regards, Fire and Willem @ Whitehorne