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Some of the clients that we have worked with include (not a full list):

Aarhus University; Amsterdam Medical Center; CNRS (France); CSIC (Spain); Centrum Wiskunde &  Informatica, Amsterdam; Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam; Erasmus University Rotterdam; INAF (Italy); Instituto de Ciencia De Materiales De Madrid; Inserm (France); IMDEA; IPHES (Spain); Norwegian University Of Science And Technology; OTRI; Polytechnic University Of Valencia; Radboud University; Royal Netherlands Institute For Sea Research; RWTH Aachen University; Technical University Of Delft;  Tilburg University; UBU (SPAIN); Universidad Autonoma De Madrid; Universidad de Burgos; Universidad de Jaén; Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea; Universidad de Málaga; Universitat Politècnica de València; Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1; University College Cork; Université Libre de Bruxelles; Universidad Del Pais Vasco; Universidad Publica De Navarra; University of Bern; University of Amsterdam; University Of Bern; University Of Bordeaux;  University Of Groningen; University of Gothenburg; University of Leiden; University of Mannheim;   University of Minho (Portugal); University of Montpellier; University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna; University of Seville; University Medical Center Groningen; University of Turku (Finland); University of Twente; Teagasc (Ireland); Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Wageningen University

We love our work - and are passionate about what we do. But we also love balance in our lives.

In 2018, we decided to leave our home in Europe and return to Australia in order to be close to the Australian bush that we love so much. Open spaces, birds galore and our favourite trees, the River Red Gums.

In our downtime, we also love to take photos.

* Some of the main photos you see at the top of each page, are places around the world that hold a special meaning to us.