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Office Hours
9am-6pm weekdays

P: +61 (0) 0490 673 746

PO Box 128 Euroa Victoria 3666 AUSTRALIA

Follow us on Facebook

Feel free to follow us on Facebook. We must say that we have avoided using Facebook (or social media) for many years, but with the new age of COVID and social distancing, it is time for us to move forward, and share our expertise with scientists on a different platform/medium.

We love our work - and are passionate about what we do. But we also love balance in our lives.

In 2018, we decided to leave our home in Europe and return to Australia in order to be close to the Australian bush that we love so much. Open spaces, birds galore and our favourite trees, the River Red Gums.

The photo on the left is our working office - 'Couer et Ame' (Heart and Soul). When we are not at the computer working, we are busy in our garden, with our organic vegetables and fruit trees, and kept company by our cats and our chooks. 

The other photos are of some stunning nature not too far from where we live, including a photo that was taken the day after after the 2020 bushfire about 1.5 km from where we live.

* Some of the main photos you see at the top of each page, are places around the world that hold a special meaning to us.