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About Us

Whitehorne is run by us, Dutch-Australians Fire Sanders and Willem Bouma. We are both experienced senior consultants, facilitators, coaches and counsellors, with a solid and highly successful track record in all of the services that we offer. 

Between 2010 and 2018, we ran Whitehorne from our home base in the Netherlands. In 2018 we made the difficult decision to return to our second home in Australia. Whilst we deeply love Europe, science and the work that we do, the call of the Australian bush, family, the large and open spaces and rural Australian country living was too strong - and we love it so much.

With over 15 years (specifically) working on European, Dutch and other national research grant proposals - and over 25 years experience with leadership development coaching and mentoring, scientific promotion cases, grant proposals, review and editing of high impact research journal articles and writing nominations for prestigious prizes and awards, we specialise in what we do and offer.

When any of our clients interact with us, they will find us to be down to earth and approachable professionals, who have a real passion for what we do. All of our work is based on a strong process-driven foundation. We believe in honesty and transparency, and in building strong and healthy relationships with our clients.

All work that we are contracted to do, we undertake ourselves. We do not outsource any work. So the two faces that you see here are the two people that all of our clients deal and interact with.

We love our work - and are passionate about scientific research and what we do. But we also love balance in our lives.

Photos and places of things we have found, and places nearby where we live.