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Staying competitive in today's scientific research market

Being an academic in today's world brings its own unique challenges to researchers: with leading a growing team, deadlines, pressure to apply for research grants, publish in leading journals, and deal with everyday work issues.

In addition, within the competitive scientific arena, research grant proposals, nominations for prestigious prizes, promotion cases, and articles for high-impact journal articles need to be written at an exceptionally high level and communicate scientific ideas, intentions and conclusions in a manner that is clear, logical, to-the-point, convincing and easy to read. 

Presentations at interview for research grants require a lot of time, dedication and attention. Applicants need to be fully at ease as well as prepared for answering all questions directed at them by the interview panel - this is the case for both 'in-person' as well as 'virtual' interviews. Applicants must speak clearly and convincingly in a manner that both experts and non-experts can understand.

With over 15 years (specifically) working on European, Dutch and other national research grant proposals - and over 25 years experience with leadership mentoring and coaching, scientific promotion cases, grant proposals, review and editing of high impact research journal articles and writing nominations for prestigious prizes and awards, we are experts in what we do and offer.

We offer professional services in the areas of:

In working with us, you will always receive personalised, friendly, and professional support from us directly - as we send no work out to other consultants, or use any third parties.

We love our work - and are passionate about science and what we do. But we also love balance in our lives.

In 2018, we decided to leave our home in Europe and return to Australia in order to be close to the Australian bush that we love so much. Open spaces, birds galore, and our favourite trees, the River Red Gums.

The photo on the left is on of the two office locations that we work out of - 'Coeur et Ame' (Heart and Soul). When we are not at the computer working, we are busy in our garden, with our organic vegetables and fruit trees, and kept company by our cats and our chooks (Australian for 'chickens'). 

The other photos capture some of spectacular nature that we love in Australia.