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Ethical Standards

Ethical Standards

Commitment to clients: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting is committed to interacting with clients in an open and transparent manner at all times, within all forms of communication.

Confidentiality: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting is committed to client confidentiality and privacy, and has procedures and a risk management strategy in place to ensure this commitment is consistently met.

Access to records: Should they require this, clients will be able to review any record that pertains to them.

Duty of Care: Our duty of care extends to ourselves, our clients and all others that we interact with.

Harassment: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will neither harass nor tolerate harassment of any kind in its business dealings with clients and contacts.

Derogatory language: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will neither use nor tolerate derogatory language in its communications and/or outputs.

Unethical Conduct: Unethical conduct will not be tolerated, and is a valid reason for Whitehorne Scientific Consulting deciding not to proceed with a proposed provision of service, for terminating a relationship with a client, or for making a formal complaint to regulatory authorities.

Ethical responsibilities as professionals

Competence: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will only take on clients in areas where Whitehorne Scientific Consulting has experience in.

Discrimination: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will treat every person with the same high regard and respect, irrespective of race, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexual preference.

Misrepresentation: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will not misrepresent itself or its services.

Solicitations: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will not improperly solicit favours or commissions.

Dishonesty, fraud and deception: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will not act dishonestly, commit fraud or deception, and will not knowingly work with or for anyone who does.

Ethical work standards

Work records: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will keep records of all work and time expended on its contractual services to clients.

Record keeping: 
Whitehorne Scientific Consulting will keep records of all its policies, and consultations and treatments with clients.

Administration: Administration and electronic files will be maintained and regular back-ups kept as a security against loss.

Risk management: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting has a stringent risk management strategy in place, which is reviewed at regular intervals.

Duty of care: Whitehorne Scientific Consulting maintains a strict awareness of their Duty of Care in every activity and contact with clients.