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Are you ready and prepared to write your 2021 ERC Starting Grant proposal?

We have a number of people who approach us each year for support during the writing process for their European research Council Starting grant proposal. Being a small company with a policy that we undertake all work ourselves, we do review the readiness of applicants before agreeing to take on supporting them. But we also want to make sure that each applicant is prepared and ready to start on the journey of writing a competitive ERC proposal. Here are some fundamental concepts that in our experi...

October 16, 2020

Research Grant Interview Coaching and Preparation

One of the commonest issues that we see when people approach us for interview training for ERC Starting, ERC Consolidator, Dutch NWO and other research granting schemes, is that many applicants expect to receive questions only pertaining to the scientific aspects of their proposal. They do not necessarily think that other questions will be asked of them, like who will benefit from your research; how do you plan to manage your time; I do not agree with your hypothesis, can you please respond to t...

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