NWO Research Grants (Other)

Alongside our NWO Veni, Vici and Vidi grant services (See http://www.whitehorne.nl/services/research-grant-applications/nwo-talent-scheme), we are experienced in and offer professional grant services to top/leading researchers and teams of researchers for numerous other NWO grant proposals.

These services include:
- Proposal idea/underpinning development coaching and feedback prior to the commencement of proposal writing.
- Critical support and in-depth review of drafts.
- Substantive editing of the proposal (consistency, flow, tone of voice).
- Critical support and in-depth review of rebuttals.
Interview preparation/coaching for single applicants, as well as groups of PIs (including site visits).

We (generally) work with applicants at the beginning of the writing processs, providing advice and support so as to faciliate a strong foundation for the candidate(s) to then start writing. With collaborative grants we work directly with the lead applicant. At the commencement of all projects we also work with candidates to create a timeline for sending drafts for review (both to us and to the candidate’s scientific colleagues), thus ensuring that the candidate runs minimal risk of not completing their proposal by the deadline.

For any researchers who would like to know more about our NWO grant support services, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide more in-depth information.