Horizon 2020 Programme

Competitive H2020 collaborative grant proposals need to be written at an exceptionally high level and communicate your scientific ideas and intentions in a manner that is clear, logical, to-the-point, convincing and easy to read. The proposal must also address all key selection criteria and requirements.

Whilst we do occasionally take on new/fresh proposals, our H2020 grant services have been specifically designed for top/leading researchers who submitted a collaborative proposal in the previous round/year and who received very high scores (but not enough to be funded), and who, in this round want to re-submit an even stronger proposal. 

- Analysis of the previous proposal, in light of the evaluation report(s), and suggestions on what specifically needs to be stronger and how this could be achieved.
- Critical support and in-depth review of drafts.
- Substantive editing of the proposal (consistency, flow, tone of voice).

On all H2020 projects we work with the lead applicant, preferably from the beginning of the writing processs. At the commencement of all projects we work with the lead applicant to create a timeline for sending drafts for review (both to us and scientific colleagues), thus ensuring that the applicant runs minimal risk of not completing their proposal by the deadline.

Our draft review process is characterized by first breaking up proposals into manageable sections, prior to the creation of a first full draft. Our feedback on drafts is in-depth, direct and to the point, and should we identify weaknesses in a proposal, we will always work at providing the applicant with suggestions and/or options as to how the weakness can be remedied.

For any researchers who would like to know more about our H2020 Programme collaborative grant support services, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide more in-depth information.