Research Grant Applications

Research grant applications need to communicate your scientific ideas and intentions in a manner that is clear, logical, to-the-point, convincing and easy to read. The proposal must also address selection criteria.

Our research grant proposal services are based on our professional skills in English language communication, a strong scientific background, experience in strategic analysis, and extensive expertise in the drafting and editing of scientific reports, research applications and plans.

Whether you are an individual researcher, a team of PIs, or a research consortium, we offer professional assistance during all phases of the grant application process:

- Strategic consulting and advice/feedback during the preparation (planning, benchmarking, scoping) phase.
- Strategic analysis of reviewers' feedback (how to best analyse and utilise feedback from a previous application).
- Critical review and feedback of draft research proposals and CVs (identification of potential weaknesses/advice on how to remedy them).
- Substantive editing of research proposals (consistency, flow, clarity, tone of voice).
- Collateral design (advice on conceptual and/or scientific diagrams).
- Assistance with rebuttals (how to best respond to reviewers' critical comments).
- Final interview preparation.