Privacy Statement

Whitehorne Scientific Consulting is committed to providing all of its clients with stringent protection protocols of any personal data as well as documents and or sensitive information provided to us in the course of an enquiry into (potential) contracted work, or during the course of contracted work.

Personal, sensitive and/or confidential information

Depending on the nature of the engagement with a client, Whitehorne Scientific Consulting may hold commercial information about the client and/or its employees, which may include names, addresses, telephone number(s), and email addresses. During an enquiry for potential contracted, or during the undertaking of contracted work a client may provide to us sensitive documents or confidential scientific proposal(s).

All information and/or documentation provided to us by a client or potential client is only used:

For the purposes of work in our capacity of engagement by the client (subject to the contractual agreement with the client), administration purposes, answering questions or queries from a client or potential client, and/or during assessment purposes in respect to an enquiry concerning our capacity to take on (new) contracted work.

In addition to the above, personal, sensitive and/or confidential information may be provided to a client’s legal advisors (when requested), and/or Whitehorne Scientific Consulting’s professional lawyers during the course of legal obligations concerning any disputes.

Personal, sensitive and/or confidential information is not used for:

We do not use personal data, sensitive and/or confidential information for any reasons other than stated in this privacy statement. We do not provide personal data or any details concerning potential or contracted work to any other party. We do not undertake automated processing. We do not track anyone who visits our website or use cookies. We do not use the servies of marketing agencies. We do not subcontract any work out to third parties.

Personal and or confidential information is kept for:

As long as necessary to provide the services required and for complying with legal obligations and or resolving any (unlikely) disputes.

How we protect your information

All client information and job outputs are protected using a stringent internal security management policy. These measures are in place to reduce the risk of loss and/or unauthorised access by third parties. These include firewalls, password protection, virus protection and data encryption of all backups, as well as physical access controls within our office.

Privacy Laws

Whitehorne Scientific Consulting works stringently at adhering to privacy laws, including those of Europe (GDPR) and Australia.

Access to personal information

Clients can access information held by Whitehorne Scientific Consulting, subject to some exceptions allowed by law. For security reasons, clients or individuals may be required to put their request in writing.