Building and maintaining resilience: Leadership and stress management coaching for scientific researchers

'Earlier on this year I worked with Willem in some online coaching sessions. There had been some major changes in my professional environment, where I was struggling with how to move forward from a leadership perspective. Willem was able to help me to look at the situation from a different perspective, helped me better analyse the group dynamics that I was faced with and helped me towards making some significant procedural changes within my group, as well as a change in my own leadership style.'

Professor,  University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Building and Maintaining Resilience Within the University Sector

Stress, and its effect on health and wellbeing - be it physical, emotional or mental - is reaching pandemic proportions across the globe - and the academic sector is no exception to this.

Being an academic also brings its own unique challenges, with leading a growing team, deadlines, pressure to apply for research grants, publish in leading journals, dead with everyday work issues and on top of this ... maintain a family, home and social life that is in balance. This is made even harder for researchers, especially in today's COVID-19 environment with increased working remotely/from home and frequent lockdowns.

Stress is (unfortunately) part of modern life, and most of us live in the state of constant stress without even knowing it.

We at Whitehorne know from personal experience the effect of stress on one's life - and the long term health implications that can results from this. We also fully understand the stresses of working within the academic sector.

At Whitehorne, we do not teach one how to avoid all stresses in life, but we work to help one reduce the unnecessary ones and manage better the essential ones  through building resilience - we coach and mentor individuals on how to better recognise and identify stress and it's impact on one's life, providing skills and tools on how to manage this, make changes in life in order to be able to move forward in balance.

We approach the individual and their life as a whole, not just separate parts – and the in order to balance the whole, the parts also need to be in balance, and integrate with each other. 

We offer expert and professional services in helping individuals to:

  • Managing the Stresses of Academic Life
  • Facing the Challenges of Leading a Growing Team
  • Better Mentoring of Young Researchers
  • Developing Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Developing Project Leadership Skills
  • Establish a Better Work-Life-Family Balance
  • Becoming Aware Of and Managing the Stress Response
  • Understanding the Polyvagal Theory in Being Able to Measure One's Stress Levels
  • Learning Relaxation Tools to Manage Stressors and Build Resilience
  • Changing Self-Defeating and/or Negative Thought Patterns
  • Creating and Navigating Life Transitions and Change
  • How to be Better Face Work/Life Challenges
  • Finding Balance in Daily Life
  • Developing Motivational skills
  • Finding Personal Empowerment and Self-Esteem
  • Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Improving Negotiation Skills
  • Goal Setting – Identifying Aspects Of and Creating Change
  • Seeing Choices That are Available to You
  • Developing Emotional Stability Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Our Emotional Reactions to Work/Life Events

'I’m just so enthusiastic and happy with all the online services that Whitehorne offers, I don’t know where to start praising! Suggest you just join Whitehorne and see for yourself!'

- Professor, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

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